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Wondering if  Psychotherapy with Millicent is the right fit for you?

Millicent has worked with various presenting issues and mental wellbeing concerns over the years, below is a list of what Millicent has been trained in or has covered with past clients:


Anger, Guilt, Shame

Bullying/Friendship issues

Body Dysmorphic Disorder


Bereavement, Loss & Grief


Depression/Low moods

Early life experiences

Emotional overwhelm/regulation

Eating related concerns


Negative thoughts/thinking styles



School/Work stress

Self-compassion Building

Sleep related concerns


Still not sure? Psychotherapy with Millicent is open to emails regarding exploring what is going on for you and your therapeutic goals. From there Millicent will conduct either a face-to-face assessment or video call initial assessment exploring how we can work together building a therapeutic relationship.


How will Psychotherapy help me?

Some examples of how therapy can help you:​

Identify and understand critical or negative thoughts.

Identify daily triggers that cause stress or negative behaviours, and work towards creating healthy coping mechanism or safety plans.

Work on developing healthier relationship with friends, family and yourself.​

Understanding the impact of past experiences or earlier life experiences, and there role in your everyday life, thinking styles or behaviours.​

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