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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to some of the more common questions I’ve received. Read on to learn more about my services. If you feel like you did not find the answer you were looking for, feel free to contact me for more information. I’m always happy to hear from people who are interested in starting therapy.


How much do sessions cost?

Session cost are dictated by risk and case load. A discussion of service cost will occur within the initial assessment. 

As a guide, Millicent's service cost start from £38 to £50 depending on complexity.


How many sessions can I have?

Millicent works on an open-ended basis. 

This means she does not set an allotted number of sessions, yet works with your goals. Millicent has been working open-ended for many years and naturally can tell when a client may no longer need her services. That said, clients can also dictate the number of sessions.

For effective therapy Millicent recommends a minimum of 12 sessions to unpack presenting concerns and process them. In bigger cases, Millicent has also seen weekly clients for over a year, so there is no pressure regarding the number of sessions you wish to have.

Where are you based?

Currently Millicent is an associate at Sunrise Wellbeing Therapy Centre in Anstey. Millicent uses one of Sunrise's confidential rooms to hold her sessions.

Sunrise Wellbeing Therapy Centre
46b Albion Street, Anstey,
Leicester, LE7 7DE

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Why see a therapsit?

Typically people chose to seek out therapy due to needing support with concerns, specifically where this type of support may not have been found in other areas of their life. 

This assistance can be seen in therapy as guided support, a confidential space for exploration of the self, learning and developing new coping mechanisms, or guidance navigating life events.

How long are sessions?

Millicent holds 50 minute sessions.

These can be weekly or fortnightly psychotherapy sessions.

When a client feels they no longer need consistent therapy, Millicent then offers monthly check in session if requested. 

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Is counselling/ psychotherapy for me?

Millicent believes there are no "exclusion" criteria for seeking / receiving therapy, she feels that anyone can benefit from a counselling experience no matter how small or big an individual's problem is thought to be.  Counselling can be used to explore traumatic experiences, day to day thoughts and feelings, to learn about who you are, or used help you work on life goals / towards achievements. 

Millicent's smallest goal within your therapy session is to allow you the space to freely talk, whether that is about past experiences or issues faced that week. Therapy is not all about exploring negative events, cognitions or feelings, Millicent will use the therapy space with you to explore happy moments, achievements or positive experiences, building your self-compassion and belief in yourself.

How are sessions conducted?

Psychotherapy with Millicent is predominantly a face to face service, where sessions are one-to-one 50 minute slots.

Millicent's choice to be Face-to-Face, compared to phone or video calls, is due to the belief that individuals using the service befit more from this type of session.

Face-to-face sessions allow for:

No technical difficulties

Reading of body language and building a deeper therapeutic relationship

Acknowledging pausing for processing

Providing a safe confidential space for you to explore concerns

The ability to be grounded with a therapist present

Yet Millicent recognises that Face to face sessions my not be suitable all the time, and is flexible by offering video calls.

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