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Meet Millicent

An Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Counselling and Psychotherapy with Millicent was established by Millicent, an Integrative Psychotherapist. Millicent’s practice is driven by the need to raise awareness and increase support for those struggling with issues such as anxiety, bereavement or low moods.

Millicent's Psychotherapy works on the aim of providing a service that helps support adults and people of 16 + within a safe, confidential environment. In sessions Millicent is compassionate and empathic, demonstrating a deep understanding of your concerns and needs. Millicent aims to provide a safe space to unpack and process difficult times or concerning issues, a place to build your confidence whilst also educating you in ways to self-manage difficult times.

Millicent is very aware that we all experience issues in life and has even had her own life challenges, with her own experiences of seeking support being originally anxiety provoking. Millicent is aware and empathic of the daunting process of reaching out and going through the process of seeking and receiving effective help or support. With this in mind, Millicent aims to provide a safe, caring environment and works with compassion when unpacking difficulties you may wish to delve into during therapy.

Millicent offers individual support, focusing on improving wellbeing, mental health and personal resilience. Millicent provides open ended, face-to-face counselling and psychotherapy by an integrative approach. Sessions will have elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Attachment theory, and have a Person-centred approach.


What I Specialize In

Working one-to-one with adolescents


Cognative Behavioural therapy

Attachment theory 

Person-Centred Approach

Working one-to-one with adults

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Growing up Millicent has always been drawn to a helping role. She found that people were drawn to her for comfort and support regarding problems they were facing. From this experience, Millicent has naturally leaned towards psychology, wanting to understand each individual,  entering volunteer support work via the Shout help-line and eventually following a career path of counselling and psychotherapy.

Millicent has always worked on the basis of listening to people and their body language. She believes, and has experienced, that when someone wishes to disclose or unload their emotions its about finding out what that person needs in that moment. This can look like providing emotional support, listening, working through / processing of said events or maybe working through solutions or strategizing, but overall Millicent recognises that each individual has different needs and adapts her approach to work with you.

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